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POLITICS It's not the same thing as government.


the start

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THE MORAL CODES OF 10 OF THE NATIVE NATIONS who originally inhabited the nation where you now live

27 of the languages once spoken prior to the last 2,000 years in the region you call home

the number of US citizens who died and the number of Confederate citizens who died in the Civil War

the PEOPLE who first cultivated the majority of the foods you eat


The driving principle behind the art of the BENIN


Yes, the canon of African art is as rich as any in the world.

Every one of the hundreds of indigenous nations recognized by the United States has its own origin story, its own social guidelines, its own history, its own future. . . and once spoke, primarily, its own language.

Over 360,000 soldiers of the USA died and over 250,000 soldiers of the CSA died in the US Civil War in the 1860s. 

Hundreds of American languages have been lost, hundreds remain. The descendants of people estimated to have lived on this continent beginning anywhere from 10,000 to over 50,000 years ago have not gone...they have been silenced.



The Word For 2022


PRE-CRT 1960s

In American politics, the Southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans. Wikipedia

                   But, there was more...the crafters of The Southern Strategy had even more fish to fry.

A couple of years ago, when I first heard of THE SOUTHERN STRATEGY,

I thought, how have we not known about this and let something like that happen today, people would easily see through it.  Be careful what you wish a new century is using the old playbook. The irony, of course, this time, is watching Black moms at school board meetings totally unaware that "CRT" may well be yet another of the far right's 21st century subs / secret codes for the "N"  word, which still can not just be said outright by a major US political party. At least that's progress.


In THE LONG SOUTHERN STRATEGY University of Arkansas Southern

Studies professors Angie Maxwell and Todd Shields remind us The Southern Strategy was a three-pronged effort to win Southern votes by any means necessary. Just as key as berating Blacks was putting White women back in their places and courting the religious right.

NIXON 68.jpg

4 ideas you'll avoid while you


You can't call yourself the party of "citizen rights" while writing legislation to take away women's and men's rights to plan their own families.  You can't be the people's party protecting big business' 
rights over government. While we focus on a Wall,
who's hiring immigrants?

The sanctity of the VOTE in a democracy.



DERRICK BELL was the Pittsburgh native and USC, Harvard and NYU law professor whose criticism of the history of legal restraints on African Americans formed the basis for the discipline Critical Race Theory.

KIMBERLÉ CRENSHAW  is the Ohio-born attorney and Professor of Law at UCLA & Columbia law schools, who coined the term Critical Race Theory and who has been working in the field for over 30 years.

MARI MATSUDA in 1998, at UCLA, became the first Asian American woman to be tenured at a US law school.

RICHARD DELGADO teaches Civil Rights and Critical Race Theory at the University of Alabama School of Law. Delgado, along with Bell and Crenshaw, is considered one of the founders of Critcal Race Theory.

PATRICIA J. WILLIAMS is the Massachusetts-born legal scholar, professor emerita at Columbia University Law School and University Distinguished Professor at Northeastern University School of Law who has written widely on Critical Race Theory.


KIMBERLÉ W. CRENSHAW, the Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law at Columbia School of Law, coined the term Critical Race Theory as a verb that stands in for decades of examination by academia of, as the American Bar Association puts it, "how the social construction of race and institutionalized racism perpetuate a racial caste system that relegates people of color to the bottom tiers." 


That's our first hint. Critical Race Theory looks at how involved our laws are in promoting and perpetuating racism.

To wrap your brain around Critical Race Theory start with this one simple finding that rocked what decades of research, blind studies, stats & deep dives into government policy, social mores, religion, morals, & education tried not to uncover, but, did...Blacks are paid less because we are Black.
Blacks are treated badly because people believe it's OK to do so.

Critical Race Theory is Jon Gruden's best defense in his email debacle.

Critical Race Theory uncovers the vast amount of federal, state and local policies and social norms that make it absolutely possible for Gruden and all Americans to be racist and be unaware of it.

Need an example? Read this Sky News report on the NFL's own excuse for differentiating Black retirees for payouts in concussion settlements.


KIMBERLÉ CRENSHAW, who coined the term Critical Race Theory, gives us insight into the discipline in its infancy and in the classroom.


MARI MATSUDA talks about inequities in education and how we might change them.


RICHARD DELGADO discusses today's arguments for free speech and hate speech.


PATRICIA J. WILLIAMS brings us examples of those we do not believe have the right to have rights.


















Nearly half a century of research by legal scholars, African American Studies and departments across disciplines at universities around the world and, particularly, by economists and historians, have found racism in America embedded in our laws, all our systems and legislatures, in courts, in city halls, in workplaces, in financial institutions, in schools, in hospitals, in our churches, in our homes not just inviting us, but, requiring us to think, talk, and act racist.

Exploring the Streets

Filmmaker Ava Duvernay's 13TH, Dr. Edward Baptist's book, The Half Has Never Been Told, and Dr. Ibram X. Kendi's books, including How To Be An Anti-Racist, contain information on why we believe what we believe about "race"; explaining, in some ways, why states in over half the nation do not want you to understand Critical Race Theory.

And, for goodness sake, America, cover your eyes if anyone points you to research by Dr. Sandy Darity, Dr. Tricia Rose or Dr. Darrick Hamilton on racial or economic stratification. 

In plain English, Critical Race Theory explains how society and government in the United States have been and continue to be structured to promote racism against people of color.

You very likely would never have heard of Critical Race Theory, which had been buried in legal scholarship for nearly half a century, if not for the annoyance that veered writer CHRISTOPHER RUFO from a beef with "Diversity Training" into the brilliant invention of the dog whistle "CRT" that will garner votes in upcoming elections.

In Oklahoma, the result is HR 1775. The quick version: Whites, as a group, are not going to let Whites be grouped as a group that can be harmed by allowing others to define them and their place in society or in history. Also,

Critical Race Theory shouldn't be taught because no one has the right to tell others what they should and should not be taught.

Rufo, not your state, authored legislation that bans Critical Race Theory which is an examination of the ability of government to pass legislation that harms Americans or allows Americans to be harmed. 

Racism can be narrowed to DR. CAROL ANDERSON discussing the origins of labeling people as Black and White, a reminder that "race" is a myth, or broadened to DR. IBRAM X. KENDI's definition of racism as "a marriage of racist policies and racist ideas that produces and normalizes racial inequities."   


Dr. Kendi's definition goes beyond ethnicity, defining the exclusion of women, LGBTQ groups, religious worshipers, the non-religious or any particular group from full participation in a society as all examples of racism. Kendi stretches Critical Race Theory to include the multitude of concepts that force any group to consider itself superior or inferior to any other.


Note: Anderson and Kendi are historians, Rufo is a writer and are not legal scholars.

To be clear, everyone should know by now that there are no separate "races," biologically, and this is part of the problem.


Critical Race Theory detractors are among groups who have held or hold power by legalizing constructs that rely on ideas of color-based "races" to conjure up hierarchies between and within ethnic groups. 

Oops, now nearly everyone realizes ideas about separate races are bogus.

Ironically, this is almost the illogic that led to you knowing the acronym "CRT".


No separate races, no racism.

Not so fast.  Slaveholders knew there were no separate races.

White supremacy and race separatism are not about "race" being real, they are about preferences and preserving a way of life that has been taught. 

Critical Race Theory proves invalid and malicious these ideas that have to be taught.

The culprit in Critical Race Theory is not the myth of race, but, "racism," the result of believing the myth that people are inherently-in a permanent, essential, or characteristic way-different from one another because of skin color.

Racism is as real as any sword doing real harm.

Critical Race Theory can be explained as documenting some of the means and harm done as a result of making people believe the myths. (Why all the forms requiring you to declare your "race" or "ethnicity?")


No more race, no more racism might have been gaining traction,

but for Christopher Rufo, who rightly took issue with a "diversity training" which he identified as misusing stats and research from Critical Race Theory to bully and embarrass employees. His diversion, however, misdirects conversation away from the growing number of solutions for stamping out racism in the US that continue to be tracked through Critical Race Theory scholarship.

Rufo's growing army of anti-Critical Race Theory proponents complain Critical Race Theory's overwhelming confirmation that for centuries Whites in America have legally been considered in a permanent and characteristic way better than Blacks is too Whites. 


Under the guise of colorblindness, several states, including Oklahoma, have passed CRT laws reinforcing the concept of race while making it illegal to eradicate racism and the accompanying stigmas that effect the lives of Blacks every day.

States have passed laws banning research and data extracted from Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools and universities, when the crux of the work is evidence that no matter how non-racist individuals may try to be, laws and lawmakers control our relations with our fellow citizens.

It always backfires.

Controlling, in fact, what we are allowed to learn about ourselves and our country has, instead, opened doors for everyone to examine the ways in which personal, political/economic and social power have been and continue to be used to disadvantage Americans.

All Americans.


Critical Race Theory critics know Critical Race Theory isn't Dr. Kendi's why can't we all just get along anti-racism; it's about naming the names and places and dates where the conscious brutal treatment of Blacks occured and occurs in which a civilized society, beginning over 200 years before the existence of the nation, relegated Blacks to living as property, next, legalized a path for a majority of Americans to treat Blacks as non-citizens, then, finally elevated Black Americans to 2nd class citizens responsible almost always for providing labor and wealth for Whites who were and are, conversely, protected by local, state and federal institutions and policies. 


Policies like anti-Critical Race Theory legislation.

Blacks are treated badly because policies show us it's OK to do so.

Critical Race Theory shows us why we don't all just get along.


Christopher Rufo seems obsessed with the work of Dr. Ibram X.Kendi.

Dr. Kendi, a historian, tells us all to be anti-racists, protecting women's rights, Gay rights, religious rights.  He has, in many ways, taken the writing on Critical Race Theory walls to shout out warnings to everyone not to let what Blacks in America have endured happen to you.


Critical Race Theory scholars, on the other hand, are legal scholars concerned, specifically, with laws that have shaped the Black experience in the United States. Their work is on specific documents that reveal the laws and social norms that override effort, merit, fate and good intentions on everyone's part to assure, for example, the average 21st century wealth of Black Bostonians is $6 and White Bostonians, $100,000.

One young man at one of the hundreds of community meetings I've covered had great advice to the crowd...if you want to find the answer to any problem in America, follow the money.


You are The Government of the United States of America.

At the bottom of the silencing of anyone in America is the effort to silence this one fact. We are a democracy.  One person, one vote. There are no minorities in a democracy. Everyone pitches in for everyone to benefit. The first trillionaire in America would not be able to pay for all the federal highways, or even, just the streets in your city if you are a major city...only the combined effort of millions of people over hundreds of years can sustain a nation. Think of everything, as a citizen of the United States of America, that you own in this country in common with our fellow citizens-like the streets in your local, county, state and federal government that are provided by you and your family. And don't cut it down to one schools. Think of the costs of all the infrastructure...the staffing, equipment-every single item of equipment, insurance, utitlities, plus...for any one asset you own as a citizen of the United States of America, for all the trillions of assets you own as a citizen of the United States of America. Who could pay for just the number of pencils a nationwide school system has to supply on the first day of school in every classroom in tens of thousands of districts in 50 states?  Oklahoma, where I live, one state, has over 500 public school systems. Systems. 

Left on their own, what trillionaire would pay?

But, in reality, we act, as though we do believe money grows on trees. No, the money that the United States runs on everyday is money you worked to we all work to provide.  Who does the work that puts the money in the banks for corporations?  Millions of Americans. And, the truth is, that if your family is labelled poor, minority or middle-class, proportionate to income, you are paying more than anyone else.

Money doesn't grow on trees.

Back to the Jon Gruden reference.

Critical Race Theory uncovers the vast amount of federal, state and local policies and social norms that make it absolutely possible for Gruden and all Americans to be racist and be unaware of it.

It turns out, all across the nation, everyday you might have the intent of living your best democratic life totally devoted to fair elections, civil rights for every US citizen, free of white supremacy and all other racist ideals 

while unaware that the fast-food chain, or clothing or home goods store you just bought your burger, kids winter coats and toaster from supports a political party creating policies in direct opposition to democracy.

As you'll deduce later, after the passing of the civil rights amendments and laws beginning toward the end of the last century, African American parents who sent their kids, by the droves, to the public universities that they'd been denied entry into only a generation before, were, surely, unaware that those universities had their own quotas against the number of African American students they would allow to graduate.

In 2022, several Ivy League and other top universities are being sued for policies that, under the guise of opening opportunities for poor and minority students, created mechanisms to allow students from wealthy families to benefit from financial aid set aside for the poor, using formulas that inflated school fees, overcharging all students. 

The lawsuit focuses not on the potential racial and class issues that might have been brought up, but, on the overcharging of all students. Why is the education that might have cost their parents the equivalent of a year of mortgage payments, costing a generation later, the equivalent an entire 30-year loan? 


It's a lesson for every American.  The plaintiffs followed the money.

They were being vigilant about how their money was being spent.

Most of these universities are not public universities, but, in 2022, they are alledged to have been overinflating prices for years to allow students from wealthy families to receive federal aid. And, that should not be the shocking part of the scheme to a citizen of the USA...the shocking part should be the ablity of private schools, private corporations and even private individuals to use your money, money that you could not access in comparable ways, to obtain private fortunes.


All US citizens are the government of the United States of America...

all together. Not remembering this has led us to where we are today.

Said differently, whether inflation is proven to be true or not in the case of the colleges, do we ever ask ourselves, when the majortiy of Americans believe we cannot afford college (likely, including you), how could it  possibly be we are paying tuition for others, even at private universities?

A political party knows when it can get us focused on non-issues, of which CRT is only one in a long line, it has confirmation that it has us convinced that it is not we, the American people, who run the country, but, political parties. That we have seceded all our decisions, our power, our money to them to build (or not build) the country. 


Politicians can be certain that we have forgotten that just a century and a half ago, overnight, nearly a third of all the men, women and children in the United States of America gave up their American citizenship, turning their loyalty to the Confederate States of America, fighting against us


No women were allowed to vote in that decision, no Blacks...though they were nearly half the population of the South...were allowed to vote in that decision, nearly every White man in the South was not allowed to vote to transfer his allegiance to a new nation. But, they were allowed to fight and die. 99 men, wealthy southern Plantation owners, voted to take the slaveholding South into a war against the United States of America.


That's what happens when nearly a third of the country forgets that the entire United States of America belongs to everyone...what made millions of Americans forget their country, that in a democracy, their country should have belonged to them just as much as to 99 men?

The math is simple.


Of the just over 9 million Americans in the South in 1860, 4 million people were Black and enslaved, of the remaining 5 million, if only half were women and children...that's at least another 2 million void of anywhere near the level of rights enjoyed by 99 men. Even for the final 2 million or more, for the remaining White male population citizenship was marginal.  Our homework for today is to explain how this enormous group of people living under the autocratic thumbs of southern planter/politicians could have been convinced to become a separate nation from the United States of America, the nation from which many (including many who were recent immigrants) had just received free land?

In Oklahoma, we particularly understand this history. 


We are the irrevocable forever home that the United States of America traded to the Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Muskogee, Seminole, Caddo and other nations in exchange for those southern states where, within the next 30 years, those same 99 men used the settlers to whom the US government had given free land in over 8,000 engagements against it in the largest loss of life in war in the history of the nation.

It's a tradition...our most dangerous and evil hours have always come when we separate Americans from Americans. 

Maybe, this is, more likely, the history governors in several states don't want you to trip into accidentally while studying Critical Race Theory.


When We, the People begin to think there are some They, The People, who deserve better than some other Americans things get bad.

When We totally forget the pact we've made that each and every one of us governs the United States of America, when we forget that we pay politicians to work for each and every one of us, equally, it probably can't get any worse.


Silencing us from our own history is critical to ending government by and for The People.


 Ta-Nehisi Coates 



I can't remember who recently pointed out that it has only been since the start of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement that it has actually been OK to say the word "Black" when speaking about Americans of African descent.

OK for everyone, that is.

We had only just gotten to be able to say "Black-ish."

The intent of the statement was to remind us that until everyone could say "Black," how could everyone actually address racism against Blacks?

Coincidence that BLACK PANTHER was created in the 1960s, but couldn't become a billion dollar film until 2018?

Why did you watch your parents working harder than anyone you can imagine at jobs the majority of Americans would never do for so little pay?

Why were they so totally devoted to their work, to being responsible, upstanding Americans?

Why did you have to be twice as good as everybody else to go 1/4 as far?

Then one day, way too late, you realize that in your life's choices, even in the business you own even you have been discriminating against yourself.


These are the questions that Critical Race Theory answers.

Critical Race Theory charts, powerpoints, files, lectures, writes, films and ultimately clarifies the experience of being Black in American as though someone actually cares to answer your lifetime of difficult questions.

It all just seems hopeless.

Then you see Killmonger inside the High Museum in Atlanta saying he'll be taking the art back to Africa.

Regina King is not letting Black Wall Street burn next time.

Monique Morris and Jacoba Albas are not going to watch little Black girls, whose parents pay taxes, be treated like 3rd class citizens in public schools and say nothing.

It always backfires.

Thought you were free, there was going to be 40 acres, reconstruction, liberty and justice for all? No. Michelle Alexander shows you, no. you are getting Jim Crow, more Jim Crow and, today, The New Jim Crow.

Affirmative action...quotas.

We'll show you quotas. Universities will set quotas on the number of Blacks who will receive degrees and thus quotas on the number of Blacks who will enter the workforce "qualified" for jobs above our stations.

The research that Critical Race Theory provides is dangerous.


A young journalist from Baltimore made the case for reparations.

It gets worse.

ISABEL WILKERSON titled a book the most forbidden word in US history.

NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES stumbled into a 2019 Ft. Sumter when she simply asked why, for nearly half a millennia, has it been so critical for us to teach our children to believe The Mayflower landed before The White Lion.


Every Native American nation has its own origin story, its own morals, it own religion, its own language, its own arts, its own history, its own future.  

People whose lands we all live on now, from the top of Canada to the southern tip of South America, are still here.

They are not gone, it's just that their histories, their arts, their languages, their morals, their medicines which might have cured cancer and ideas that might have prevented climate disasters are not studied in our schools and universities, not because they are not valuable, but, because, at gunpoint, they were silenced.


christopher rufo_edited.png



Writer, filmmaker Christopher Rufo, a California native, not your local state rep, senator or governor, is the brain behind the CRT bill your state has either passed, is thinking of passing or is unwilling to touch with a 10 foot pole.


It's likely, Rufo can be credited with your ever hearing of Critical Race Theory

The new CRT of Rufo's creation is his own theory. To him, academic Critical Race Theory is a "Marxist" manifesto serving up an indictment of the hard working, deserving haves vs the unlucky have nots.

Rufo has situated himself as a millenial Lee Atwater entering the term CRT into the lexicon to stand-in for racist ideas and words politicians can't say to a large crowd while having to assure a large crowd of a Southern Strategy for our time.

If Rufo were to write a new book, it's  title should be WHITE SUPREMACY IS NOT REAL...Here's How You Can Support It With Your Tax Dollars and Your Vote In the Next Election



— Name, Title

Is White Supremacy Real?



Isabel Wilkerson,

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Ava DuVernay, & Michelle Alexander have all taken Critical Race Theory out of the stodgy files of law schools and into popular culture. 

IBRAM X KENDI_edited.png
Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

Dr. Ibram X Kendi, who is not a Critical Race Theory scholar, seems to be CRT's main target. Critical Race Theory is particular to the legal experience of Blacks in America. Kendi's work uses its research, as increasingly do many writers and filmmakers and artists, to talk to everyone searching for the democratic republic that embraces all Americans.

anthony jeter

"No such thing as 'Critical Race Theory'...its just plain factual American history, that's uncomfortable for racist[s] to read about cruel racism!!!"  

The above is from the comment section of a YouTube video on Critical Race Theory.


Increasing the public's fear of CRT doesn't leave a lot of space to think about California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas as the recent ancestral lands of thousands of immigrants that media focuses on at our southern borders. If we weren't arguing about CRT, We, The People, might stop to ask if coming home might be one of the reasons families risk their lives to cross these borders. We might think today's reasons for wanting to be US citizens might be the exact same reasons our Irish and Polish and German and Chinese and Italian and Lithuanian and Dutch and Japanese and English and Scottish and Indian and Swedish and Korean and Hungarian and Vietnamese and Russian and Latvian and Greek immigrant families crossed multiple borders and oceans to make our country home. If we are arguing with each other about Critical Race Theory, we don't have time to ask why the cameras never point north, why there are no media reports on the employers and corporations hiring the people who cross our borders.


If we're talking about Rufo's CRT, we're not talking about who sent our jobs to Indonesia.


Kendi points out a move we in Oklahoma understand all too well. Kendi says not allowing us to discuss the racism in our laws, puts the burden on each individual to make up their own explanations about the racism they face.

In a nation of over 350,000,000 people, a nation whose first name is "United," no one should have to go it alone.

Article: R. Clardy/NTOK

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