Whenever my Aunt Lois flew from Inglewood [LA] to NORTH TULSA, we had to have a meatoaf in the oven & a coconut cake on the cakestand. But, the next day it was straight to CONEY ISLANDER. A classmate, a trucker, makes sure her southern and southwestern runs include HWY 75 for her stop @ OKLAHOMA STYLE BBQ. And, NORTH TULSA ex-pats never miss WHITE RIVER on a trip home..

Colorful Donuts


Made famous by Paul McCartney and Stella McCartney, daughter and famous environmentally conscious fashion designer, MEAT-FREE MONDAY urges everyone to take one day a week off from consuming animal products, which is one day a week helping weaken climate change. 

Simple. Makes sense.  So, we went online and into our archives to find delicious vegan meals... you can ask for vegetarian and vegan options in these great restaurants in Tulsa and beyond. Take home or eat out, for a solid meal, we highly recommend the Broccoli & Garlic Sauce @ DRAGON EXPRESS, the RUBICON Broccoli Baked Potato & the Cauliflower Wings @ MAC's WINGS, & a Salad & Smoothie @ TROPICAL SMOTHIE.

Misty Slopes


"When the racial elements of the                         American nation unite in actual fellowship                     and accord, the lights of oneness of                   humanity will shine...and the divine favors                   descend."

                   Baha'i Writings