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to save our planet & save ourselves we need

Equity & Prosperity for People on a Stable Planet

Johan Rockström



 If cows were a country, they'd be #3

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the great greenhouse emissions list 2021


2. USA



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china +usa

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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the rest of the world

India, the world's 3rd biggest emitter only constitutes 7% of greenhouse, we're saying "There' hope?"

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James Brown said "it's a man's world." Maybe it used to be, says, in 2021, nearing half the arable land on the planet is devoted to cows.

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Of course, We CAN set up the world any crazy way we want
                      ...we always have


Let's set it up now to solve climate cha


We have the computing power now to start everyone off in life as a millionaire.


Let's do that to make sure everyone is housed and fed. Those who want to climb could continue to climb. Everyone can continue to work and add to their nest eggs. Let's be honest, are there enough high paying, high quality of life jobs right now in most of the world's towns and cities available for more than about 25% of their people? Have there ever been in industrial societies? 


What happens when AI moves that number to 10% in 2060?

Creating life as we know it requires both women & men.

So, when did we decide men would get priority over women and, given that women actually give know...billions of sightings of where people literally come from...why are we always asking where do we come from

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